Defense of the Empire of Henniswyyr

The New Generations

We move now to another new soul in this Tapestry. She found herself another similar soul, one so much like herself she was enamored instantly. She had come up in the capital city, running through it’s alleys and shadows working alongside Tengu to make ends meet. She came up to being a highly regarded thief, and was blessed by the leader as an agent. Her new job was to move from Kingdom to Kingdom, doing what she seemed to do best, collecting valuables, prefferably information and favors, but items as well would work. Along with her new lover, she became far more comfortable, stealing and moving items through the entire southern kingdom. Her lover had been born within a tribe of nature shamans. She lived among them happily, working as a clothier for them and occassionally working her hand at skinning the animals they fed on. After many years the elders came to her, telling her they had seen a glimpse of her future, and it was not among them. They saw the very meeting they had called her to now, and asked that she leave their village, moving to work in the world among her own people. It was with a heavy heart she did this, not wanting to leave the only home she’d ever known.


Mikkaddo Mikkaddo

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