Orcs are the ancestors of the Half Orcs, who give no claim of their original home land. However, they do proudly proclaim their origin being from the Invasion Force that, as they say, “Only the Dragons could put down.” The Orcs themselves have since disappeared. Only being seen in the most scarce numbers in caves or as corpses in underground ruins.


Haflings have no known origin, some claim they are the children to Dwarves and Elves, others claim the Dwarves taking to bed with Gnomes. The Hafling is a tiny human, just over the size of a Gnome, and powerful in Magic like the Elves. Though, their origin is believed to also possibly be from Elves taking to bed with Gnomes, their form is much more familiar to the Dwarf than it is the Elf.


Gnomes are nature loving, nature living creatures, they are commonly druids and tend to be deathly territorial of the forests they call home. They will protect the forest from anything and anyone that threatens it. They will even protect the forests they call home from other gnomes if they feel they or their home is threatened by them. Not much is known about their own origin, though there are those who think they may have come from the spirits of the forest, their power growing until they took on a corporeal form.


Tengu are black raven looking bird people, they wear robes with hoods over their heads and generally are known to be shady folk. They tend to gather in groups of their own kind, making nests in warehouses and derelict buildings. They also are usually the ones you go to when looking for something stolen, illegal or of otherwise ill merit.


The Catfolk trace their roots bac to a race of Animal Lords that were cursed and could no longer take human or animal form, trapped between the two by some other force. Be it an angry god or a trickster Magus no one can be sure, but the Catfolk rose up quickly among the thieves of Henniswyyr, able to scale buildings and sneak through cracks seemingly too small for them to fit through.


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