The Ring of Truth


The Ring of Truth is an enchanted item that forces the wearer to tell no lies. They are still capable of not speaking, or telling the truth about parts of a matter while avoiding specifics but cannot tell direct lies.

It is currently under the control of Da’anta of the Drow Pirate Kingdom. Based in The Dark Steps.


The actual creation of this item is unknown, like many small artifacts of magical origin, it’s shrouded in mystery. However, this item has always been of particular interest, being that it can allow a person who knows how to use it the power to learn anything and know for a fact what they hear is true.

It is known that it has traveled across the entire empire. It was used by the Dragons frequently as a form of peaceful interrogation, usually only on those who they believed were not worth torture or would be more trouble dead than alive. It then found itself in the hands of several different gangs and more than a few less than savory characters. After which it vanished from history for more than a century.

The Ring of Truth

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