Defense of the Empire of Henniswyyr

The Story So Far

The Empire of Henniswyyr has a tight grasp on the power of the creatures that threaten it. No monsterous creatures like Dragons tear apart villages as they used to, the Dragon’s Grave Castle accepts the proof of a dead Dragon for a high price. The other countries accept proof of Dragon corpses as well, but for a much lower ammount. However they do the service of sending the corpse to the Castle at the Imperial Capital for you. Recently there have been constant reports of dragons, unlike before, dragons that were not seen commonly before are being seen more often now. There have been reports of other creatures not commonly seen approaching civilization too. The countries of the Empire have come to the Imperial Capital for aide, but the Human Capital has had it’s own trouble keeping the peace when the once peaceful tombs of their dead and honored warriors are now filled with the shambling undead Draugrs.

There have also been creatures spotted that are believed to have come from the Unknown Lands, Orcs and Goblins and monsters of all kinds that have not been spotted before. The mysterious Nagas of the Sandsea were the first to come to the Empire about the monsters rising up, but not for Aide, rather to offer their services to other countries. Their warriors have seen been sent to every nation, what was once one of the most rare races in Henniswyyr is now a common sight in any castle across the land. The Emperor Maldus himself is guarded by a pair of massive Naga warriors, armored in the familiar Paladin armor and wearing shining gold greatswords across their backs.

The Elves of the Heartland have sent mages to the Empire to research the new creatures and why the others were making attacks. And the Ironwood’s merchant villages and Smithing masters have found themselves near buried in orders for weapons and armor. The Dwarves themselves have an entire force living in the mines deep beneath the Iron Will Mountains. Digging out everything of value they can to aide the effort of defense.

The Half-Orcs of Shiva’s Reach however mostly keep to themselves, refusing to aide the “weak” members of the empire, and having only joined the Empire under the forced contract of the “Holy King” Maldus as they viewed him.


Mikkaddo Mikkaddo

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