Defense of the Empire of Henniswyyr

The Quest Begins

A new group has come up to try and solve the issues of the world. A rag tag group of adventurers in the Southern Kingdom were gathering in the Capital City of Forgehome when they heard the Town Crier declare that the King would pay a man’s weight in gold for information about the possible return of the Dragons that once ruled over Henniswyyr.

Upon gaining an audience with the king, they were told there were so far 5 villages that have been attacked by what is believed to have been dragons. The group each took a scroll with the instructions and locations on it, and decided to join together into a party to solve this issue.

The first village they found was destroyed, utterly, it’s people obliterated leaving only ashes in the vague shape of who they used to be, one building still burning with the bright green fire from the belly of a dragon. However, the party found that there were no signs of the massive lizards in the village, no broken trees, no taloned foot prints, no wayward scales from a battle.

Whatever happened, it had happened in an instant and appeared to not have been dragons. However, within one mostly standing building they found a strange symbol burnt into the floor, one of the party members took the time to draw the symbol for later use should they find more information or someone that knows more.

That night, the fighter in the party took first watch, after they had gone into a cellar, finding a single untorched corpse, it’s throat slit and nothing else of use around him. The fighter, a Lycan who had not revealed his ability to transform to his mates prayed to his god Lupus Lucanus. The god saw fit to bless his disciple with a personal visit, the Lycan being shocked into submission by the sudden appearance of the massive white wolf, fur frosted with ice.

He asked his god for any information on what did it, and his god said it was not a thing, but many things, when asked why they would do it the massive Deity said they acted in service to something else, a creature it could not name, a creature who’s nature it could not know. It said this made it scared, and told the Lycan Fighter the party should go to the 3rd village in the list. He thanked the god for his information, but the creature was gone.

The next morning, the Lycan told the party to go to the third village which they did. In that village, they found only a single building they could enter, it’s roof burning with dragonfire but it’s ground level save to enter. Once inside, they found another strange symbol like before, and a cellar that held strange items like a leather bound book of strange text, scrolls depicting spells the party did not understand, and a candle made of stone with a hemp wick. Within the cellar, the Lycan found a bookshelf that clearly was capable of moving, upon finding a way to move it, the party found a dark hall leading deep into the earth. Once they finally followed it to it’s end, they found a sconce in the wall, filled with oil.

They lit the sconce, only to find the fire went out through the wall and lit a small temple, complete with benches, an altar of stone and a pair of large statues at the back. They first investigated the statues, finding that the statues seemed at first to be human, but with one strange difference, the head was that of a viper, it’s neck twisting back on itself building up to the viper like face. The Altar itself was uninteresting, large, heavy, and made of stone with odd but clearly decorative carvings over it’s sides.

At the back of the temple, they found a door, once it was open it led to what was clearly a storage and preparation area, holding a wardrobe and lots of boxes and chests, most of which held cloth for covering the alter and possibly for use as banners as well. One chest held a box within it, hidden by cloths for the later filled with large vials of a strange green fluid, the only thing they could discern is that the fluid was not poisonous, but that it was likely best not to drink it.

Within the wardrobe, they found several vestments clearly meant for some kind of priest, and a hidden compartment that held a statue similar to the massive ones in the outer temple, but small enough to be held, with strange rainbow shining jewels for eyes. They took the statue, and left for the fourth village.

On the road, they were attacked by something, it was hidden and tried to get them without being seen, but they eventually found it once the Lycan shifted into his hybrid form, rushing it, this took the creature by surprise, but it managed to nearly hit a vital spot, the Lycan’s natural armor and massive size being about the only thing to save it from instant death. The rest of the party quickly joined in, the Rogue spending most of the battle getting closer, the Druid attempted to hit the creature but it’s prodigious speed allowed it to dodge most every strike that came it’s way. Only the Magus, who joined the party as they were leaving the third village seemed able to strike it from a distance.

The fight was hard, and came close to ending the party, save for the need for the dark creature to focus on the Lycan. The creature was done in by the party, and it burst into burning cold shadows, leaving only it’s torn rags and broken dagger in it’s place. The Party, exhausted and fearful of what may come quickly trudged to the next village. Once there, they rested, and the next morning found a suit of armor, ashes falling out of it, and a massive gash down it’s back, near by a creature attempted to escape, but was found as it tried to get away.

The party came closer and interrogated it, finding it to be a Shae, a mysterious dweller of the Shadow Plane who have connections to the Thieve’s Guild of Henniswyyr. The Shae eventually tells them that it was sent by the Guildmaster to obtain a box, he said he did not know the contents, and that when he arrived he barely managed to escape alive, having killed one of what attacked with a single powerful blow to it’s back, but that he did not remember anything else about the incident, or even what the things that attacked looked like. He told them that even something so simple as where they came from or which direction they left in was not of his mind. At first the party believed this to mean he did not know anything of aide to them, but then they realized the lack of memory was itself a clue. The creatures, or people, that had done this had wiped the memory of themselves from his mind.

This brought to mind a god the Magus had heard of, the god of a strange and alien people known as “The Faceless” a god so horrifying to view that the memory of it’s visage would be wiped from the viewers mind as soon as they saw it, but the Shae proclaimed it could not be them, that the Faceless were a peaceful people, ashamed of their horrific visage, a people who masked themselves as other races to walk unconfronted among the normal people of the world and live peaceful lives. The party asked it for more information, and it told them all that it knew, but soon, the wound that made it desire to leave so quickly began to take it’s toll. It was dying, quickly.

The druid attempted to discern what could be done to help the poor creature but it was no use, and soon, it fell to the ground, it’s body slowly dissolving before their eyes. The Ranger of the ground took the opportunity to harvest some of the creatures blood, the Shae having told him it’s blood would burn cold against the flesh of beings not from it’s own plane, and from there they decdied to find a place to rest.


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