Defense of the Empire of Henniswyyr

The Final Pages

In the years since the purchase of the islands between Shiva’s Reach and the Heartland D’anta had taken hold of nearly the entirety of the trade routs of the Empire, amassed a huge army of Drow and even stopped a massive war that threatened to tear the Empire apart at it’s seams.

Thorg had taken to his home with the Akata, a strange and difficult to understand creature that seemed to have an intelligence all it’s own. The two became famous among the Orcs of the unknown kingdom they held in secret.

Weatmad found himself at a crossroads, the option came to him to follow D’anta down her path, to ruling over a vast army, controlling trade on a massive scale, or to seek his fortunes himself, he took to a singular life. He managed after that, to become quite a notable merchant in The Grand Bazaar of the mysterious Sandsea.

You might be curious how this happened. The answer is simple. Tyross Gimlee. Upon attaining such power and wealth, he sought the next step in his plan for true perfection. He sought a secret place meant to be known only to the King of the Dwarves, but spoken of in songs and legends to all the Dwarven people. He used the Tome to find it, sneaking and fighting his way past monsters of horrifying form and ability. Upon finally reaching the very depths of the mountain the Great Smithouse is built into, he found the Temple to Moridiin, a massive monolithic feat of construction that forced him to stand back and take a long breath of reverence. He took his time patrolling through the temple, taking care to see each monument to the Gods’ magnificence. Upon the end of his search he found his ultimate goal, the Master Forge, which burned with the fires of the worlds blood. He sought a way to call out the God to ask his favor and tell of his deeds hoping his recent past would elevate him. There was an inscription on the walls telling that any worthy Dwarf wishing to see the face of their God must sacrifice their greatest weapon to the Master Forge, thus submitting himself fully to Moridiin. Tyros, taking the words in his own way, threw the Tome into the firey maw of the Master Forge, it sunk, burning and spewing magic into the smokey air around him. The flames the magic kicked up formed a huge man and Tyros knowingly knelt before this figure. Being told by him that the face he looked upon was that of Moridiin himself, the god of all Dwarves, their true birth father and the one who holds the burden of their failure. Over the course of their meeting, Tyros spoke of his many feats of power and political grace. These feats were indeed of note to Moridiin, who decided it was sufficient to make Tyros his Avatar. He warned him however, that in seeking Moridiin, as he had, he had also gained the ire of other gods in Henniswyyr. Tyros claimed he was not scared of the wrath of other gods. He said he would fight any that sought battle with the will of his ancestory, and strike them down with the Wrath of Moridiin. For this he was gifted magical chains, attached to axes. The chains wrapping around his arms, and lightning on fire granting him a power the likes of which he had never imagined. He proudly left the Master Forge to return happily to the Kingdom.

However, Moridiin’s words were not to be taken lightly. Eyes were watching from far away, making note of his actions, weighing his fate against the world without him. And, like that, in his absence from the group he had come to call friends, he was written away. Finding himself fast fading into nothingness. His actions remain, but his name stricken. Thoth, the God of Knowledge, upon Tyross gaining the book warned Moridiin this could happen, perhaps even would happen, but Moridiin was unwilling to hear the warnings and thus paid the price of two avatars swiftly.

His past gone but his actions remaining the world changed from his experiences. This event, this one singular small seeming event reshaped the entire world. The Great Smithking Eddrick became known as the Mad King Eddrick, who came to believe himself better than the rest, that the Dwarves were meant to rule over all and went off to wage war against the Orcs. However, this shifted everything, the Black Market’s newest agent came to rise up through the ranks of the thieves and rogues beneath the streets and past the alleys. She came to have the money through her own works and dealings, acting on behalf of the Black Market directly to the Nagas of the Sandsea for several years. Upon earning the money to purchase a landmass, the Nagas came to her with an offer, soon after that the Empire had a representative appear before her too.

The Nagas offered her a massive island chain, saying they wanted no part in her dealings in it, allowing her to do whatever she wished with it, as well as a fleet of ready to sail ships, and even releasing the rest of her kind from the lock the Elves of the Heartland had on the portal to their homeworld. A tempting offer of course, but she was convinced they would not take no notice of her actions or keep no watch of her personal life and dealings. She was more than right, their offer was that she take the island chain, the fleet, and even her people as her own in return for favors of a yet undescribed kind and importance.

The Empire’s representative offered a small island on the western ocean from the Empire’s own Capital, and a single small vessel that would be enough only to hold herself and a small crew. Also that she would pay a hefty tax to the Empire to be seen as sovereign from the Empire.

Her choice was thus made simple, she took the offer the Nagas gave, and started her rise to the position she holds now over her own kind. The deed they wanted of her was soon asked, a single Naga approaching her throne in her massive castle built of solid Ebony bricks and white marrow that was hardened to hold them. The Naga came to her speaking of a Mad King wishing to destroy the Empire, at first she laughed saying there was no interest she held in the puny empire who she basically owned on the waters being taken down by a mad king. The Naga changed her thoughts on the matter when he enlightened her to the fact that should the Empire fall, all that would be left is waring nations, disparate of each other and unwilling to ever work along with one another much less pay taxes to her. She thusly made it her duty to stop this Mad King, with the use of a creation she had obtained from a mysterious source.

Being the first of the Empire to have Cannons on her ships, or even at all, she was able to stop the Mad King’s lust for war easily and send him home, keeping the peace became something of a job of hers. She either killed or converted all the pirates and would-be scoundrels on the waters of Henniswyyr. The waters of the Empire became a treacherous place for anyone seeking to sail across the paths of the world. Any ship sailing across Henniswyyr would be stopped by the Drow, paying a tax to her kingdom before going on their way.

Weatmad found himself in the Bazaar, after seeing the temptation of D’anta’s new path. In this clogged and thick cloud of people and things he found a spot he thought he could make use of for a new shop, and pulled one from his chest, having purchased it’s land from a very enterprising elf who he heard several days later had been sold as a slave to pay off debts of some kind. He felt worried at first, as such debts and such stories were all too common among those who wandered the Bazaar. But, his shop brought in coin enough to hold him above debt and then some, and even afforded him a guard he could trust, supposedly a rare find in such a place. His shop was frequented by all walks of life, and all forms. Many spoke of his shop as if a place of mystery and impossibility, and he allowed them to believe that it was indeed true. He knew each time he opened the chest it was a risk but he had found in his efforts with it a way to obtain from it something at least close to what he was searching for. Instead of wildly among anything of the infinite cosmos.


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