Defense of the Empire of Henniswyyr


In the Ancestral Library of the Heartland, the Elder Magus Xhalh called for the Heartland’s best rogue. She answered the call but was to his dismay, a Drow, the race of Dark Elves seldom seen but commonly disliked by all the various races of the Empire. He never the less offered her a job. This job was to find the powerful artifact known as “The Ring of Truth” which is capable of forcing it’s wearer not to tell any lie. He warned her that in the wrong hands it could be a most powerful tool for evil and that it was best sealed away in the Library, as the Heartland itself holds dangerous secrets and the other kingdoms no doubt held their own. He was not unwilling to pay her, and promised a handsome reward should she be successful. She was given a bag of gold marked with the Emblem of the Heartland, and purchased some items before heading out. However, just prior to purchasing her items she decided to spend a few hours studying in the Library itself and came across a tome written in Dragon Tongue recounting the fall of the Dragon God Ohrssus and the narrator’s nature as a dragon that was loyal to the human empire. It also stated that after the Dragon God’s fall, Dragons became a commodity of high value and had to go into hiding. She was capable of reading this tome as she found a similar book on the translations of Dragon Tongue. She soon set off.

Once she reached the Southerlands she began her tread down toward the Capital Village through the forests but along a path, and she met with a few small monsters of little meaning or power but met two creatures of particular interest. First was a Psuedodragon, a house cat sized dragon that is not nearly so formidable as it’s larger cousins but no less a helpful companion. Upon gaining enough of it’s trust that it would approach her, she spoke to it, and convinced it to accompany her on her journey south. It was helpful in getting her to sneak up on monsters and also aided her in the battling of a wolf that had tracked her down. However it was unable to stop or forsee the earth golem that harried her, however she deftly destroyed the beast, finding in the rubble of it’s remains a large and obviously valuable ruby. She took this with her on her journey but continued southward, soon however she came to a tree where she heard a strange noise. Upon looking for the source of it she saw a black cat with violet glowing eyes and a nearly human grin in it’s sharp teeth. It claimed to be a Sylashee, and said it knew where to find what she was looking for but would not tell her unless she specified what she was looking for. Some time later through their back and forth conversation, it gave her the advice to go to the capital village of Falchion and look for the “Bird like men in hoods” and that they would have the item she lied about to the cat. Soon after she came to a bridge and noticed a large hunting dog had been following her. Once on the bridge she was caught by a whip from a nearby Naga that had been patrolling the forests. He claimed the Smith King of the Ironwood would pay a high price for her head, but she was able to bribe him to instead simply leave.

When she finally reached the village, she asked around for the bird like men she had heard of, and was told by a man that looked as sketchy as the Sylvashee’s advice sounded that she should go to the alley behind the Inn. When she went she found a dark bird man in a hood that claimed he had many things of value and asked what she was looking for. He claimed he had “The Ring of Truth” and would sell it to her for the right price, and asked how much she felt her PsuedoDragon was worth, she refused to give up the creature, to her companions relief, and offered the bird the ruby she had found in the forest instead. The bird gladly accepted and tossed her a ring with a blue hue to it. She put on the ring after he vanished before her eyes and found it to not only NOT be “The Ring of Truth” but instead to be something she’d heard of called the “Ring of Displacement” which, while unsuccessful in it’s defined purpose made her feel for an instant when she put it on that she was a man which quickly wore off. She was convinced she should search out the creature which locals called a Tengu, but was unable to find him. She went into the Inn, exasperated and wanting a drink, and asked the portly bartender if he had any helpful advice. However he was frightened by the presence of a Drow and was thusly unwilling to give her much help. However, she got the attention of a nearby Goblin Merchant and his Dwarven guardian. The Dwarf despised her race and the Goblin claimed he could give her a trinket and ended up giving her the bits of a broken quartz crystal that had been painted to look like parts of a ruby. She asked them for help in finding the Tengu and the Portly Bartender offered toward the Dwarf that the Smithking Eddrick might be of help in the matter. At least in finding the item she had come looking for in the first place.

In the Village of Falchion’s Bazaar there was a Goblin Merchant who was sending off his Son to become a wandering merchant just as he had done years before. He told his son that he would be given the ancestral chest, a magic box that could contain anything and that one never knew what would come out when it was opened. The Goblin gladly took it and the first things he pulled out were a magic Bag of Holding, and a Merchant’s booth, which he promptly stored in his bag of holding. He soon went into the tavern and found himself face to face with a loud and raucous dwarf who boasted of having killed a Frost Giant in aid to the village with the help of a large friend of his who was otherwise engaged. The Goblin decided it would be good to have such men as guards and offered to hire the Dwarf who immediately asked for payment, the goblin offered him a trinket and opened his box, managing to pull out a goblin crafted greatsword of human scale. Which the goblin promptly fell over trying to hold up. The Dwarf decided to take the greatsword as a form of down payment for his services as guard and the two began drinking until the Drow arrived.

While in the Tavern with Tyros and Weatmad, Thorg still upstairs, a young barmaiden brushes against the Drow as she walks through. She makes no comments toward anyone but soon vanishes into the crowd too. When she attempts to buy herself a drink, she notices a small note sitting atop the bag of gold in her pocket, and when she reads it finds out she is to meet someone in a position of power in the Black Market in the Great Smithinghouse.


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