Defense of the Empire of Henniswyyr

End of the Prologue

With the morning came the time for the Drow D’anta to answer the mysterious call left in her bag of gold. Upon reaching the Great Smith House her and her companions were guided into the forges and D’anta was directed to a different forge, a dwarf opened a secret door and before she had a chance to realize what was going on she was pushed into a secret room.

The room she found herself in was a smaller forge, secretive and hidden from the rest. In the room, when she first came in she saw a figure sitting at a table, and despite her strongest will, she almost didn’t believe it was there, something about the figure made it seem like a figment of her imagination. Once she came to understand it was real, she sat at the other side of the table.

The figure took down it’s hood, showing herself to be a Catfolk of the village they were in, and with her emerald eyes glistening in the light of the fire she told D’anta she was the leader of the black market, and knew what D’anta had been searching for, and offered her the information she would need to find the Ring of Truth, as well as a separate ring that would hide the fact that she was a Drow from others’ eyes. She also said the price for the information was to join their ranks and give them any information she discovered in her travels and any unique items as well. She accepted and was told she would have a signifigant discount from the Black Market itself, as well as being paid handsomely for anything she offered them.

Once they all gathered together again it was told that the Smith King Eddrick was looking for them. D’anta had confused the rest of her group now by appearing to be a normal Elf with white hair, and the group approached the Smith King, who’s garnet false eye could see past the Ring’s power to prove who D’anta was. He did not care though, and instead thanked Tyros Gimli and Thorg for having taken down the Frost Giant that had made it’s way south of the capital village of Falchion. Upon wondering why a Frost Giant that had not been seen below the mountains came down so far, he decided to send Tyros and Thorg to find out, telling them to climb the Iron Will Mountains and discover the reason the ice fleshed monsters were coming down from the mountain.

Upon leaving, they discussed their course of action, D’anta had been told too go to the Oasis, a farmland island used by the Nagas to the South East of the Sandsea, and was not in a hurry to get there. They decided to climb the mountain, but Thorg mentioned wanting the Goblin Weatmad to take a “present” for him out of the “box.” Weatmad happily did so, taking out a huge tome that he came to know was the “Tome of Infinite Knowledge.”

The Tome was found to give any information one asked for from it, Tyros took the Tome from Thorg telling him that Weatmad would give him another “Present.” When asked, the Goblin reached into the chest, and pulled out a large box covered in chains. Against the arguments of his companions Thorg decided to open the box, having broken the lock he opened the box releasing a wolf sized monster with smooth blue skin and what appeared to be tentacles growing from the back of it’s head. The creature was talked down by Thorg, seeing something in his strength that it found familiar. It did not know how it was put into the box however, but quickly became a companion to Thorg, the two of them going off into the forest that night to Hunt Together.

Tyros, having taken the Tome of Infinite Knowledge sought to see the future with it, he asked what was to come of the strange nature of seeing a full Orc who was smarter than the degenerative creatures seen in caves, and the Tome told him of a coming war. He then sought to see the end of the war, asking the Tome who would win it. However, the Tome took his question and in turn told him the Gods would win the war, as they win every war between mortals. He was unsatisfied with this answer however and sought to make the Dwarves reach the level of glory they had once known, he intended to do so by seeking out the Dwarven god Moridan.

He first went to the Great Smithhouse seeking out the Smith King Eddrick, and told him of the dishonor that the Dwarves had seen in the time of the dragons and even more so in having submitted to a Human Empire. He eventually convinced Eddrick to take a warship and start a Civil War against the Empire, knowing the strongest blades of the Empire would come from the battle loving Half Orcs of Shiva’s Reach. Eddrick thanked him for showing him the error of his ways, and made him the Warden of the South in his place while he went to wage war on his own. Tyros not realizing the Alchemist Naga that acted as Eddrick’s personal guard was taking notes of everything said.

He found the secret passage in the Great Smithhouse that lead under the Kingdom deep into the tunnels under the Iron Will mountains. He was careful enough to be able to avoid the monsters stalking the tunnels, until he came to a subterranean temple to Moridan, it was written on the walls that this was the place Dwarven Kings would go to, seeking Moridan’s blessing for their Rule. And that he could summon Moridan to him by sacrificing his greatest weapon. He made the mistake however of sacrificing the Tome in the sacred Forge, which destroyed the sacred Item, summoning Moridan. Moridan told Tyros he’d have been more proud of his Axe had been sacrificed to summon him, but that he was proud either way to see a Dwarf who was not afraid to find his temple deep beneath the mountains. Tyros asked Moridan to bless him by making him Moridan’s Avatar, Moridan saying he felt fine in doing so as his current Avatar was soon to die. As the Blessing, Tyros received axes that attached to his arms with chains, the axes could be swung far infront and around him by the chains, and that they would always come back to his hands. He was also granted the ability to launch balls of flame from the axes attached to his arms, and boosted his ability to smith greatly. His original axe being sacrificed to create the axes attached to him.

When Tyros returned, he went to the Southern Kingdom’s master of Treasury, returning to the camp D’anta and Weatmad were still at and told her he wanted to help her make a place of her own, where the few remaining Drow of Henniswyyr could call home. He was informed that she would need a signifigant ammount of gold, and Tyros gave her the ammount he was told it would take. D’Anta worked through the Master of Treasury to purchase a set of islands between the Shiva’s Reach and The Heartland. The islands were however perfectly positioned to intersect all the water based trade routes of Henniswyyr.

Thorg and the Akata hunted down a jaguar monster with snakes coming out of it’s back, the Akata telling Thorg that doing so would allow it to have children from the corpse. Thorg after that then decided he wanted to return home to his father, and wanted to bring the Akata with him. His new companion was more than happy to oblige, but was a nervous wreck during the boat ride to his home.


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